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Alicia C. Gordon NyergesCaracas, Venezuela; a tropical country that has a particular way to captivate you and show you many things that most of them you will, most likely, use later in your life. A country that teaches you that nothing comes for free, where you have to fight for what you want and need. A place where you never know what is going to happen but you still need to be prepared for it. Where surprises are around the corner and you have to know how to react appropriately and accordingly in order for you to surpass it. This is where I was born. July 25th 1991, if you’re counting, it wasn’t really that long ago. Daughter of incredible parents that taught me the basic principles in life and advised me all my life, and still do. Sister of a genius, or at least to my eyes. Raised in Venezuela with a Hungarian background, studied in an American / Venezuelan school with a formation and culture combination that has a particular effect in my decision making process. Driven by my passion and eager to pursue my dreams I managed to move to Boston to study my B.S. in Advertising in the New England Institute of Art. Starting from the second semester I was asked to join the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society besides the fact that I maintained a +3.0 GPA along all my studies. Graduated in June of 2013 ready to apply my knowledge and experience in my day to day.

  You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Christopher Columbus

View Resume here: GordonNyerges-CV

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